Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kelley D. Hamilton Suggests Hobbies for Active Seniors

Bonaventure CEO Kelley D. Hamilton has had extensive experience with older adults in his career. If there’s one thing that Kelley D. Hamilton has experienced about the residents of Bonaventure, it’s the fact that they love being able to pursue hobbies once they have the free time available. Hobbies are more than a way for seniors to stave off boredom, says Kelley D. Hamilton; they’re often a passion and a love that was long deferred.

Kelley D. Hamilton suggests a few hobbies for senior adults with some extra time in their lives:

Genealogy – It’s important to know what your ancestry is, and where your family’s roots lie. Online resources have made it much, much easier to do the detective work, and seniors often find out much about their backgrounds that they did not know.

Travel – Kelley D. Hamilton notes that travel doesn’t necessarily mean expensive overseas vacations. For seniors on limited budgets, weekend trips or short vacations are a great option, and are a great way to expand horizons.

The Internet – Each generation of internet browsers and operating systems get a little easier to use, notes Kelley D. Hamilton. Seniors who get acquainted with the Internet often love it when they find out how much information is available at their fingertips. Seniors are also one of the fastest-growing groups for social media, as they reconnect with friends and family and find like-minded older adults who share their interests.

Art and Music – The arts are a classic hobby for seniors, says Kelley D. Hamilton. Often adults have an itch to express themselves in ways that they always felt they never had time for. Painting, learning an instrument, sculpting or writing often unlocks a muse that seniors had hidden away for years and years. According to Kelley D. Hamilton, “it’s never too late to do what you really enjoy.”


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